Biden for America
Opposition Branding

During the 2020 United States General Election, I was the Lead Opposition Brand Designer for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. I gave direction and curated content created by video and design teams to attack the 45th President. Often this involved depicting Trump as smaller and less exciting than he percieved himself in order to take away his power.

This art direction was created with one goal in mind: making Donald Trump a one term president.

Role: Art Direction / Lead Designer
Creative Advisor : Robyn Kanner
Deputy Design Director : Carahna Magwood
Typographic Direction : Jonathan Hoefler
Design Lead: Julian Williams
Design Team: Abbey Pitzer, Allison Press, Anisa Chugthai, Chelsea Alexander, Damaris Bravo, eric Ziminsky, Jazmine Johnson, Jess Lucia, Karena Meyer, Kyle Eaton, Ojwanna Wilson, Rebecca Nathanson, Ryan Eaton, Teagan Aguirre, Tashiara Scott